Charles Starr

Charles Starr, Physical Therapist and Owner

Charles wanted to help people more than he could as a registered hatha yoga teacher. His own back pain led to a midlife career choice, receiving his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The Ohio State University in 2011. Charles’ back pain is now controlled with a daily yoga practice, intense exercise routines (he likes the extreme between calming yoga and working hard to his limits), and vigilance with body mechanics and posture.

Every day is like Christmas with his beautiful, feisty wife, Heather, and 3 rambunctious, loving rescue cats. Joking with family and friends and travelling are the gemstones in his life. A love of the odd, unusual tale captivates his fascination with life to make every day exciting. A belief in the good and the potential in every person connects him with others.

At Starr Spine Physical Therapy and Wellness, Charles’ yoga background aids in creating a relaxed atmosphere for a fun, healing and learning experience. Life experience provides insight into your needs to move you forward in your life and to empower you with long term solutions.