About Us

I’m Old Enough to Order Off the Senior Menus and Refuse to Reply to AARP Membership Requests. Why? Because I Don’t Feel My Age.

I Believe That Everyone Should Be Able to Live the Life They Want to the Best of Their Ability Without Their Condition or Pain Completely Stopping Them. Life Doesn’t Have to Be A Downhill Slide Into The Grave. I May Not Be Able to Take Away All of Your Pain, But Together We Can Weaken It So You Can Live a Better Life.

A Life in Which You Can:

  • Play with Your Children or Grandchildren
  • Marvel at New Places on Vacations
  • Enjoy Evenings Out with Friends
  • Dance at a Wedding
  • Beautify Your Garden
  • Hike the Grand Canyon
  • Golf Better Than Younger Players

Show the Rest of the World That the Events of Your Life Are Not Written in Your Past but Lived Now and Planned In Your Future.

If You Believe in This Philosophy, Then Half the Work Is Done. Let Me Help You Complete the Job to Meet Your Goals for Living A Fantastic Life.